Working in DeWitt

Every community has organizations that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it a better place to live and work; DeWitt is no different. There are many employment opportunities in the DeWitt area. The DeWitt Chamber of Commerce works to promote local retail. If you are interested in opening a retail business, feel free to contact the Chamber, 659-8500 or to discuss available buildings and assistance for the small business owner. .

The DeWitt Development Company's main priority is to create an envirionment that will foster the creation of quality jobs that build wealth and contribute to the pride of the community. Fourteen manufacturing, distribution and service industries that employ nearly 1,000 local and area workers are located in the Crossroads Business Park.  Tami Petsche, 659-8508 or   

"DeWitt Delivers" promotes quality of life, the school system and employment opportunities. Go to to find a listing of current job listings.